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Posted 07th Aug 2022

Front Driveway Paving

A driveway is far more than just a convenient spot to park your car away from the street. A nice, contemporary driveway can make a great impression. Additionally, it might raise the value of your house, particularly if parking is scarce where you reside.
At Better Place, we provide a wide selection of front driveway paving tiles to assist you in giving your new driveway a high-end, durable appearance. You may create the driveway of your desires with the help of the proper paving goods, which come in a variety of designs, textures, and colours.

For many homes, front driveway paving has now become a common choice. Worldwide, at least one in every four front yards is currently tiled. According to government reports, more than 75% of homes now possess at least one car, which is one explanation for this increase in private cars. However, don’t just see your driveway as a place for you to park your car.

Every day, a high-end paved driveway serves as your return route home. It serves as the first focus of interest for visitors coming at your home as well as for onlookers.

Different types of pavers for front driveways

Pavers are chunks and blocks used to build roads, terraces, pool decking, etc. They are constructed from a broad range of substances including bricks (clay), cement, sandstone, marble, limestone, porcelain, rubber, and even plastics. They could make excellent concrete substitutes for these kinds of operations. In truth, pavers appear far nicer than typical concrete blocks, except for some stamped concrete. Finally, there are two options for placing pavers: interlocking or blocks.

Native Stone Pavers

  • Flagstone and fieldstone are the two most popular paver kinds.
  • More costly than concrete and brickwork.
  • Strong limestone tiles are frequently used for bordering.
  • Sandstone pavers are weather resistant, maintain their original colour, and require little maintenance.
  • Absorbent, which is why pool decking and other pool surfaces are frequently employed.
  • Natural stone can fracture under pressure, making it unsuitable for high density locations.

Paving bricks

  • Made with gravel and mud or cement that has been brick dyed.
  • A vast assortment of brick surfaces and hues.
  • Paving material that is extremely durable and stain resistant.
  • Sealants may be able to stop yellowing.
  • Bricks can be set in a permeability paver method with tiny holes between them so that water can flow through to the sub-base.

Concrete surface

  • Constructed from moulded concrete and gravel.
  • Obtainable in a range of hues and designs with overlapping patterns.
  • Some concrete pavers have been bricked coloured.
  • Sealing is required to keep the colour.
  • Incredibly robust and long-lasting paver kinds.
  • Water can drain through concrete pavers that connect and have tiny spaces between them.

Block Paving

Bricks from block paving are a great option for renovating your outdoor spaces. Our variety of block paving has everything you need for your repairs, whether you’re updating your driveway or applying final elements to paved surfaces. With our ornamental outdoor stones, you may design a modern or classic driveway to enjoy your yard all year long.

Make a style impression by selecting your outdoor boulders based on variety, colour, and size. Block pavement is a great option for paving and landscaping because of its timeless appearance and durable construction. A brick paved driveway increases the curb attractiveness of your property and provides improved performance and toughness.


Permeable Paving

Our permeable front driveway paving blocks are a necessary if you want your road to endure severe or prolonged rains. There is a traditional material with an ecological touch. These driveway tiles allow surface water to travel through and into a specific constructed sub-base.

You won’t need to consider a soakaway, tank, or barrier.


Cobbles and Setts

Our collection of setts and cobbles immediately elevates any driveway, whether it be modern or historic.

The outcomes you can get with your new driveway using our selection are exquisite. The original cobble from Better Place is perfect if you want to make a dramatic entrance using a timeless classic. Cobblestones are a timeless and natural accent to any driveway, providing a foundation that will remain for years even with a parked car on it every day. You can easily pick a cobblestone set to match your home with our wide selection of cobble setts, which come in a ton of different colours, dimensions, and designs.

Accessories and security

More goes into creating your ideal driveway than just selecting the appropriate paving stones. Any operation’s appearance and functionality depend heavily on the use of kerbs or bordering rocks. At Better Place, we provide a variety of solutions to match your front driveway paving slabs so that no barriers protrude.

What purposes serve pavers?

They are employed in numerous areas of a house, particularly the outside. These are the most typical applications:

  • Patios,
  • Driveways
  • Pool decks
  • Planters
  • Fireplaces
  • Pathways


Choosing driveway block pavement between concrete and natural stone

Given the wide variety of our block paving materials, you may have a ton of options. Knowing the distinctions among concrete and stone driveways is useful. Concrete is essentially customizable because it is created by hand using moulds, resulting in a consistent appearance in regards of texture and colour. By employing genuine natural stone face features, we also offer it a genuine appearance. On the other side, stone possesses colours that have aged naturally through time and thus produce the most classic appearance.

When choosing front driveway paving, personal preference and money are the deciding factors because both stone and concrete block pavements may be customized and treated to produce something that suits your tastes.

Should I upgrade or install a new driveway?

Your driveway fulfils both practical and aesthetically pleasing needs. A broken-down driveway is also undoubtedly unattractive. A well-kept driveway can increase curb attractiveness, and one without potholes or significant cracks is also simpler to drive on and walk down. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of patching, refinishing, or replacing a driveway before considering driveway repair.

You can accent the outside of your property in a design you choose by renovating or building a new driveway. You have the option to create an outside environment that represents your individual interests thanks to Better Place’s extensive selection of front driveway paving slabs, setts, and cobbles.

There are also clear benefits to renovating or installing a new driveway, not the least of which is the fact that your car will be kept at home for most of its lifetime. The amount of harm from parking on the road or on a deteriorated drive can be decreased by laying a fresh flooring for your car


A lovely, paved driveway creates a pleasant first impression and may even increase the value of your house. A variety of driveway paving options from Better Place can produce a high-end, durable appearance.

Our driveway paving panels are offered in a variety of slab types and are come in a wide variety of designs, finishes, and colours.

A lot of the front driveway paving materials we offer have matching kerbs, walling, bordering, and circle characteristics to give your driveway makeover a gorgeous look.

So, whether you decide to upgrade or install a new front driveway, we are here to help!
Purchase from Better Place with trust with this wide selection.