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Better Place Remodeling Warranty

At Better Place Remodeling we strive for excellence in the work we do and the products and parts we install. Although we are extremely confident you will be happy with our work, we do understand there can arise situations where problems may occur due faulty products or parts. In the event you encounter a problem once our work is completed you can reach out to us to get more information. Please check the warranty certificate for the products we installed for more detailed information on the warranty they offer.

How to Submit a Claim

In the event there were any complications or issues with your new home renovation you can submit your claim by phone or email, and we will be happy to try and assist. You will need to ensure you contact us immediately after you discover any issues or faulty products. After we asses the problem we may send someone over if relevant to come and further inspect your claim. If we determine the issue was related to our work or the products we installed, Better Place Remodeling will repair, re-install or replace. In the event we can not replace a product or part with the exact same one Better Place Remodeling may substitute with a similar product instead.

Our warranty assumes reasonable and normal use of the products and parts we install in our builds. This warranty will not cover the cost of repair for anything that occurs which is beyond our control. In addition, we do not cover including but not limited to overloading, impact, abrasion, commercial use, improper or insufficient maintenance, scratching or scuffing of pavers, lack of traction on or slipperiness of joint sand stabilizers, or efflorescence in pavers and stonework, insects, animals including burrowing animals or ones that chew turf.

Our Workmanship Warranty

Our workmanship warranty covers the work we do during the course of the renovation projects we work on for you. In the event you encounter a problem with our craftsmanship you will need to contact us within thirty (30) days to ensure we are made fully aware of the problem. If the fault is determined to be ours, we will attempt to repair the issue within a reasonable time frame.

Our Manufacturer’s Warranty

Warranties may vary depending on the work being done and the products we install. Warranties can range from a year to multiple years. The warranties are provided by the companies we purchase our supplies and products from and may therefore be subject to changes in the future. For more detailed information on the warranties, we offer or on the different products we use in our build you check the warranty certificate you received from the manufacturer or you can call us during office hours or send us an email.

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