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Encinitas Garage Conversion

Garage conversion in Encinitas is one of the best ways to expand the square footage of your home while saving resources.

Garage transformations are cost-effective and save time and effort since garages already have foundations, four walls, and a ceiling.

With the help of our professional contractors at Better Place Remodeling, you can easily turn your garage into a new living space.

Garage Conversion Ideas for Encinitas Homes

Converting a single-car garage of 400 sq. ft. is more than enough to work with since the minimal ADU size is 150 sq. ft. This means you can create a functional and comfortable unit for your family.

  • Master Bedroom and Bath: We can create a luxurious, relaxing retreat that feels like a hotel suite.
  • Kitchen and Dining Room: This is useful for families who need more space to cook and eat together.
  • Home Office: Creating a comfortable and productive workspace that lets you do your work without distractions.
  • Multi-Functional Room: A versatile space that can serve as a playroom for your kids, a guest room, a workout room, or even a home theater.

The opportunities for a garage conversion in Encinitas are nearly endless. With the help of a qualified contractor like Better Place Remodeling, you can bring your garage conversion ideas to life.


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    Encinitas ADU Builders

    We are your Encinitas ADU builders and specialists; whether you want to build an ADU on your property, build up or out, remodel an existing garage, or do garage conversion, we know what it takes.

    We offer design consultation that includes design plans and permits for projects that comply with Encinitas requirements. Our all-inclusive design-build process includes ensuring quality control and completion of the project on schedule as well as incorporating all services needed for any project.

    You can count on us to ensure everything goes smoothly until the final inspection.

    • Detached ADUs are separate buildings on the same property as the main residence, with their entrance, kitchen, and bathroom.
    • Attached ADUs are separate living spaces connected to the main residence, often built on top of or beneath the main house with a shared wall.
    • Home Addition – add square footage to your home by buildup or out for that extension or addition.

    Encinitas Kitchen Remodeling

    At Better Place Remodeling, we work with you from the beginning to ensure your kitchen remodel in Encinitas suits your needs. That starts with listening to you and considering your inspirations. We will review your plans, ideas, investment limits, and timeline, ensuring our expectations align.

    Whether your kitchen needs a simple renovation or a complete overhaul, our team is here to help. Kitchen remodel expertise includes:

    • Open floor plans involve removing walls, relocating appliances, and redesigning the kitchen layout
    • Impressive marble, granite, and other hard surface countertops
    • Islands, complete with sinks and electrical outlets
    • Fully custom cabinetry
    • Pantries to maximize storage potential
    • Backsplashes of marble, tile, stainless steel, and more
    • Color and lighting schemes that expand the space and highlight features of the space
    Kitchen Remodeling
    Bathroom Remodeling

    Encinitas Bathroom Remodeling

    Bathrooms designed and remodeled by Better Place Remodeling represent a space where you can unwind and find peace and tranquility.

    We create modernized bathrooms to complement your lifestyle for your bathroom remodel in Encinitas, using different finishing styles, subdued lighting, beautifully laid tiles, and contemporary fixtures.

    From improving the functionality of an outdated bathroom to creating a luxurious, spa-like master bathroom, we can achieve your bathroom remodeling goals.

    • Layout redesign to enlarge spaces and make tight spaces more functional
    • Custom vanities and specialty sinks to match your design style and functional needs
    • Countertops from artificial materials to marble
    • Fixtures to create a new statement with modern and contemporary design
    • Custom showers that are spacious, luxurious, and practical
    • New storage options to keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free
    • Spa-like amenities and atmospheres

    Encinitas Backyard Remodeling

    Our goal for Encinitas's front yard and backyard upgrade is to bring your outdoor green space to life as we add customized, functional, and stylish features. We take you through each aspect of a project, from idea to final design.

    Front and Backyard Transformation

    1 Landscape and Green Space

    Landscape layout and redesign is the most important aspect of front yard and backyard remodeling. It depends on the type of landscape and garden you want, depending on your preferences, the climate in Encinitas, and the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into maintenance.

    2 Walkways and Driveways

    Driveways and walkways are important for creating a cohesive and functional outdoor space, and we can create them from various materials, including stone, brick, pavers, or concrete.

    Driveways and walkways connect different areas of your outdoor space, add visual interest by creating a more natural flow in your outdoor space, and create a path through a garden or other natural area. They are also great for preventing erosion.

    3 Patios and Decks

    We build patios and decks to improve outdoor dining, entertainment, and living experience. They can be made from various materials, including concrete, pavers, flagstone, or brick.

    Our popular styles include; the traditional style, often rectangular and used for all outdoor living experiences, the flagstone patio to add a natural element to your outdoor space, and the classic brick choice that can add charm and character.

    4 Retaining Walls and Fences

    For privacy and to add texture to your front yard and backyard, retaining walls and fences are important for defining the boundaries of your outdoor space and offering the functionality you need.

    Encinitas Outdoor Remodeling

    If you want to create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space, the team at Better Place Remodeling can help. We offer a wide range of services that can transform your backyard and outdoor area into a space you won't want to leave through all seasons.

    Our Encinitas outdoor remodeling services and capabilities:

    • Backyard design and remodeling – involves the design and remodel your backyard and front yard to create a beautiful and functional space, from choosing the right plants and trees to installing the perfect outdoor structures and furniture.
    • Professional landscaping and hardscaping – create a beautiful and functional outdoor space that includes gardens, natural and artificial turf, waterfalls, ponds, and retaining walls.
    • Patio and walkway design and installation – for a beautiful and functional patio or walkway, we are experienced in designing and installing a wide range of patio and walkway styles, including stamped concrete, paver, and natural stone.
    • Outdoor kitchen design and construction – our Encinitas outdoor living space remodeling team can help you design and build an outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill, sink, refrigerator, and more.
    • Outdoor deck and pergola design and construction – our all-season decks or pergolas can be a great addition to your outdoor space as we design and build them to boost the beauty of your outdoor space and complement the architecture of your home.
    • Custom gas or wood-burning fire pits – for a fully functional outdoor living space, we also offer outdoor fire features design and build services, from wood-burning fireplace to custom gas fire pits that fits your style.
    Kitchen Remodeling

    Custom Remodeling Services in Encinitas

    With close to two decades as a remodeling contractor in Encinitas, our remodeling team is known for its innovative approach. We can deliver a home remodel that exceeds your expectations.

    Whether it is a wholly revised layout plan, gut renovation, or a refresh of your spaces (indoor and outdoor), you can rest assured that the project will be done right and built to your family's specific needs.

    Smart Space Planning

    When planning your general home remodel, we prioritize integrating the indoor/outdoor spaces with a focal point to expand your living space and bring the connection with natural surroundings.

    Whether your focal point is a garden, a deck with a view, or an outdoor kitchen, choosing a focal point for your outdoor space creates a more appealing and welcoming design for your home. Working with our professional designers, you can explore your space's possibilities.

    The Remodel Process

    At Better Place Remodeling, we provide everything needed to remodel your home with a team of experienced professionals under one roof. Our process includes:

    1 Consultation

    We will determine the design scope of your project, find your vision for style and define how you want the spaces. Our goal is to customize all design elements to suit your preferences.

    2 Design

    You will have a clear picture of how every detail fits together through 3D modeling. At this point, your project is becoming more real, with all intricate details coming together for your review and approval.

    3 Permits and Material

    We will submit the architectural and structural drawings with the approved designs to obtain all the necessary permits for the remodel. We also further identify and get the right material for the project.

    4 Implementing the Vision

    Once you have approved the design plans, all your customized design elements are built and installed. This is where we take your interior and outdoor space(s) and turn them into beautiful works of art!

    Financing Your Home Remodeling Project

    Better Place Remodeling believes everyone should be entitled to renovate their home. That’s why we work with the best financing companies to provide our customers with different financing plans so they can find the one that best fits their needs.



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    Free Consultation

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    Design & Planning

    We’ll make sure to get and prepare all documentation and permits required to proceed with your home renovation project.

    Design & Planning


    Construction Documents & Building Permits

    We’ll make sure to get and prepare all documentation and permits required to proceed with your home renovation project.

    Construction Documents & Building Permits


    Construction Phase

    Once the plan has been agreed on and finalized we’ll begin the construction phase. We will work relentlessly to make your vision a beautiful, efficient, and long-lasting reality. All our San Diego home renovation projects are built to the highest standards.

    Construction Phase


    Final Walkthrough

    Before we hand you back your keys we’ll do a final walkthrough to ensure that every detail is of the highest quality, and that you have received every item on the project plan and is to your satisfaction.

    Final Walkthrough

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    For quite some time now I have been wanting to renovate our front lawn and was only interested in finding the lowest maintenance landscaping options possible.

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    Adrian A. Rancho Santa Fe, CA
    Michelle S. Chula Vista, CA
    Kathleen M. Carlsbad, CA
    Financing Your Home Remodeling Project
    Dylan V. Spring Valley, CA
    Kitchen Remodeling


    Steven N.

    Steven N.


    My wife and I hired Better Place Remodeling on May 7, 2020, and our project was completed on August 31, 2020. Evi was the first person with whom we made in-person contact, and let me tell you, he exuded nothing but professionalism, courtesy, and respect to both my wife and me! Having hired F.A.T. Construction prior under the general foreman Tony Chavez and having a VERY POOR experience with that contractor, my wife and I were very skeptical, to say the least. Evi quickly earned our trust and our business through his constant contact and updates. He always kept my wife in the loop with all major decisions during the project. Had I not continuously kept adding more to the project, Evi and his crew would have finished a lot sooner than expected. Evi even went so far as to bring us his favorite type of coffee direct from Israel as we had a good working relationship. The one time I got frustrated at the job was nothing to do with Better Place Remodeling, but rather the City of Escondido with their slow permit approval process due to COVID-19. Even though this wasn't Evi's fault, he even brought me Starbucks coffee one night and further explained the backlog of permits. I also would like to send a shout-out to Barr and to Evi's top Landscaper Herman. Barr stepped in and helped Evi with our project when Evi's plate was full. Barr also exuded the same professionalism, courtesy, and respect to both my wife and me! Herman? What can I say? The guy has landscaping skills! Let him make suggestions to you and be open-minded about them-you will not be disappointed! Thanks, Evi, Barr, and Herman for such tremendous work on our home!

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      1 Do I Need to Obtain Permits for My Project?

      Absolutely! Permitting and city inspections ensure your project is being built to local building codes.

      Better Place Remodeling will obtain the relevant permits as part of our service. Our representative will physically go to the City and deal with the different departments to attain your permit.

      2 Can I Use the Existing Garage Roof for My Conversion or a New One?

      Whether or not you can use the existing garage roof for your conversion will depend on its condition, age, and structural integrity. Our team will evaluate the condition of your garage roof during the initial consultation and advise you accordingly.

      If the roof is in good condition and meets the requirements for the intended use of the ADU, we may be able to use it, but if it needs repairs or replacement, we’ll recommend a new roof installation.

      3 Will the Garage Foundation need Additional Support for the Conversion?

      It is essential to evaluate the existing structure of your garage to ensure that it can support the additional weight and load of the unit.

      Our structural design team will evaluate the existing structure and determine if additional supports are required to make your conversion project safe and structurally sound. We will also ensure that the addition complies with Encinitas building codes and regulations.

      4 What Framing Materials Are Used for New ADU Construction?

      The type of framing materials used for new ADU construction will depend on the design and local building codes. However, typical framing materials include wood, steel, or concrete. We will recommend the most appropriate materials based on your preferences and the structural demands of the unit.

      5 Can I Rent Out My Encinitas ADU on Short-Term Rental Platforms?

      The rules and regulations around short-term rentals vary depending on the location. In Encinitas, short-term rentals are allowed, but the relevant regulations must be followed.

      Our team will help you navigate short-term rentals’ rules and regulations and ensure that your ADU meets all the requirements.

      6 Can I Build an ADU if I Live in a Historic District in Encinitas?

      If you live in a historic district, there may be additional regulations and guidelines that you need to follow when building an ADU. Our team will work with you to ensure that your project complies with the regulations and guidelines while meeting your design and functionality requirements.

      7 What are some Considerations for Designing an Outdoor Living Space in a Small Yard?

      When designing an outdoor living space in a small yard, maximizing the available space by incorporating multi-functional features is important. This could include built-in seating, storage, and vertical gardens to create a cozy and functional outdoor living area.

      8 How Can I Make My Outdoor Living Space Blend with the Indoor Living Space?

      Consider incorporating similar design elements and materials to make your outdoor living space feel like an extension of your indoor living space. For example, you could use similar flooring, lighting fixtures, and furniture to create a cohesive and inviting space.

      9 What Types of Plants are Best Suited for Garden Features?

      When selecting plants for garden features, choosing ones well-suited to your local climate and soil conditions is essential. Native plants are an excellent option since they are already adapted to the local environment and require less maintenance.

      10 What are some Alternatives to Traditional Grass Lawns?

      Several alternatives to traditional grass lawns include low-maintenance options like artificial turf, gravel, or ground cover plants. Our team can help you choose the best option based on your preferences, landscape layout, and local climate/soil conditions.

      11 What are the Most Important Elements of a Functional Kitchen Design?

      The most important elements of a functional kitchen design include efficient workflow, ample storage, and good lighting. Better Place Remodeling kitchen remodelers will work with you to create a custom kitchen design per your needs.

      12 What is a Bathroom Addition and When Do I Need One?

      A bathroom addition adds a new bathroom to your home or expands an existing one. You may need a bathroom addition if you have a growing family, frequently host guests, or simply need more space.

      Our bathroom remodelers will evaluate your needs and help you design a bathroom that meets your requirements while complying with Encinitas building codes and regulations.

      13 Which Permits Do I Need for Indoor and Outdoor Upgrade in Encinitas?

      The specific permits required for a home improvement project in Encinitas can vary depending on the type of work being done, the location of the property, and local regulations. Common permits may include building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical permits.

      We know the types of permits you will need for your specific project and location.

      14 Do You Handle the Procurement of Materials and Equipment Needed for the Project?

      At Better Place Remodeling, we procure all necessary materials and equipment for your project. This includes purchasing materials, coordinating deliveries, and arranging any necessary rentals.

      15 What kind of Communication Can I Expect from Your Team?

      We offer clear and timely communication throughout the construction process. This can include regular updates on project progress, unexpected issues, and changes to the project timeline and other details.

      Additionally, we are accessible to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the project.

      16 Will You Provide a Timeline for My Project?

      At the start of your remodeling project, we will provide a schedule based on the scope of work. We consider all project phases, from design, permitting, and construction, to help manage expectations and ensure the project is completed on time without surprises.

      17 Can I Choose Materials for My Home Improvement Project?

      You can choose materials for your project to get the right quality and finishing you prefer, as long as they meet any requirements or specifications. We offer guidance and link you with the right suppliers.

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