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Santee Garage Conversion

A garage conversion is another great way to fully utilize the usable garage space in your home for more practical use. 


Better Place Remodeling will take care of all legal, structural and architectural aspects of your garage conversion project, from city permits and approvals to project management and developing designs to completion. 


Our goal is to create a useful garage conversion that suits you and blends seamlessly with the existing living area.  

Garage Conversion

The Best Garage Conversions in Santee

There are several reasons why you may choose to convert your garage space, and here are some of the more popular options for Santee garage conversions:

  • Extra bedroom
  • Extra living space or loungeroom
  • Home gym
  • Home office (possibly some city zoning considerations needed)
  • Granny flat or studio apartment
  • Upgrading the garage to include custom-built cabinetry for more storage.
  • Self-contained style accommodation

Factors to Consider for Garage Conversions

Apart from the permits and design and layout of your transformed garage, other structural and building considerations include;

1 Flooring

Because the garage floor is often an uninsulated concrete slab, we will need to make it leveled with the rest of the home, insulate and install your preferred option.

2 Walls

Installing a curb to keep water out of the newly converted space and protect the wall framing from moisture.

3 Heating and cooling

Installing new insulation to the floor, walls and ceiling first, then deciding on the right ventilation and heating system.

4 Electrical wiring

Additional wiring and circuits are important because the new living space will require better electrical infrastructure for lights than garages that only have a single lighting circuit.

5 Plumbing

Includes adding plumbing lines and expanding/creating a drainage system.

6 Blending in

We don’t want the conversion to be an obvious addition by matching finishing and styles with the rest of the house.

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    Santee ADU Builders.

    Choosing customizable design options ensures your ADU construction suits all your needs while taking into account the building codes and regulations of the city of Santee.

    From floor plans and finishes to unique, custom features, our team will work with you every step to ensure you get what you want. At Better Place Remodeling, we have various options, including;

    • Detached ADUs – are standalone units separate from the main dwelling.
    • Attached ADUs – are units connected to the main home through a shared wall or roof.
    • Junior ADUs – a unit of not more than 500 sq. feet that can be built within a proposed or existing single-family home or accessory structure.
    • Home addition – we have years of experience designing and building beautiful, functional home additions that complement your home structure.
    Backyard Makeover

    Santee Backyard Remodeling

    As backyard upgrade experts in Santee, we have years of experience developing, creating, and building front yard and backyard renovations.

    We specialize in different elements of outdoor space upgrades that allow you to transform your front yard and backyard vision into a practical and stunning reality.

    1 Outdoor kitchen

    We are experts in outdoor kitchen installation, into your well thought-out-backyard, from the most basic kitchen island to extravagant kitchens with custom outdoor BBQs, pizza oven, freezers and refrigerators, burners, sinks, and as well a complete bar.

    2 Driveway and Walkway

    If you need to extend, rebuild or build a new driveway, we can help with your desires from a formal rock pathway, grass driveway, gravel driveway, or a brick walkway. Ideas and options include but are not limited to; gravel paths, grass paths, brick paths, stepping stones, pallet woods, pavers, stamped concrete, etc.

    3 Retaining walls

    At Better Place Remodeling, we have the skills to construct retaining walls to level your front yard and backyard and manage erosion from running water. They also boost your home’s curb appeal, such as retaining walls for trees and raised flowerbeds, walls with a designed waterfall, and an inbuilt outdoor grill and unwinding stretch.

    4 Fence

    If you are considering adding a fence for privacy or security purposes or perhaps updating a fence you currently have, we can help you to decide what would be best for you, including;

    1. Several different vinyl fence options are great for privacy, durable, and require low maintenance in terms of cleaning.
    2. Aluminum fencing options offer incredible versatility, low maintenance, durability, and attractiveness.
    3. Live fences are the most popular option due to their beautiful look, customizability, and durability.

    5 Patio

    We honor ourselves with any outdoor patio-related service and repairs. We can develop a design, plan, and then complete the construction of a new patio area or renovate an already-built patio installation using materials that integrate seamlessly with your backyard.


    We can also design patio covers and enclosures tailored to your preference if you want more privacy. 

    6 Artificial turf

    Suppose you envision a perfect green lawn year-round with minimal maintenance, durability, and easy customization around current or future landscaping. In that case, we can help you customize the perfect lawn for your landscape to offer gorgeous green space, a pet-friendly turf, a playground, and much more.

    7 Fire pit and Fireplace

    We can design-build and install anything from simple fire bowls to sophisticated fire pits and fireplaces that you will fancy, including electrical wiring for electric-powered fire features and gas tank installation or piping for gas fuel fire features.

    8 Hardscaping

    Enhance your outdoor living appearance with our hardscaping solutions available for the front yard and backyard to provide a smooth continuity from your home’s interior to exterior, including; concrete work and pavers of different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to transform your driveways and walkways.

    9 Landscaping

    We are dedicated to elevating your front yard and backyard to the next level with our landscaping services designed to your specifications, including;

    1. Drought-tolerant plants.
    2. Meadow garden landscaping.
    3. Tropical plants.
    4. Modern and classic landscaping.

    Santee Bathroom Remodeling

    There should be a sense of order in the bathroom, and among the millions of ways to style it, you can count on us to make your bathroom remodel in a way that makes the most sense to your lifestyle.

    Our team can discuss options that are to your liking and most suitable for your home, including;

    • Flooring — we have numerous materials to choose from when upgrading: laminate, tile, bamboo, and cork.
    • Fixtures — choose from energy-efficient and low-flow options to cut down on energy costs and increase the value of your home.
    • Shower and bath — we can install bathtubs or the beautiful fully tiled shower with modern glass doors.
    • New Features — we can install high-pressure shower heads, heated towel racks, temperature-controlled floors, and steam room additions.
    • Storage — cleanly designed cabinetry for storage space, which keeps your bathroom neat and organized and adds a bright, refreshing tone to the bathroom.
    • Thoughtful design — colors to promote a relaxing atmosphere, creative lighting.
    • Ventilation – we can install built-in fans in the bathroom of your liking to avoid mold buildup.
    • Lighting– we can help bring your vision to light with our first-rate luminaires for architectural lighting designs for your bathroom.
    • Plumbing – from what type of fixtures you want to how many sinks you need, our plumbing technicians will ensure that the new fixtures are properly supported by the existing drainage and water supply lines and test all of your new plumbing before usage.

    Santee Kitchen Remodeling

    As a kitchen remodeling expert in Santee, we have the expertise to bring your dream kitchen to life. Our detail-oriented team will work with you every step of the way to make the most effective use of your space.

    We can help you narrow down your options from the limitless kitchen renovation possibilities while remaining respectful of your home, including;

    Kitchen Remodeling
    • Flooring — select the best flooring material for your space, including hardwood, tile, linoleum, cork, and bamboo.
    • Cabinets — we help you decide whether custom or manufactured cabinets work best for your space.
    • Appliances — upgrade to the best energy-efficient brands or use space-saving options.
    • Countertops — choose from various materials and colors, while considering edge and corner shapes for safety.
    • Backsplash — endless tile options for backsplashes.
    • Sink — one of the most important kitchen features, heavily customizable: porcelain, stainless steel, double basin, varying faucets.
    • Lighting — brighten your space with overhead, cupboard, and under-cabinet lighting.
    • Kitchen Island — find the perfect island for your space: optimize storage, house additional appliances, and add a bar.
    • Storage — integrate open shelving, find spacious pantry, and waste management solutions.

    Santee Outdoor Remodeling

    If you are looking for solutions and inspiration for your outdoor space upgrade, look no further than Better Place Remodeling for professional outdoor remodeling in Santee and neighboring areas.

    Our team of licensed and skilled contractors can bring your ideas to life through a wide range of landscape, softscape, and hardscape designs that meet your exact specifications.

    We have over 15 years of experience transforming Santee residential properties into premier outdoor living spaces. From start to finish, we handle everything from decks, patios, water features, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, custom driveways, and walkways to complete overhauls with many different elements and layouts.

    While you may want a new deck or patio built, your space could need a completely new outdoor living space due to local building codes and city permits. Our design team can offer you a variety of design and installation options for your ultimate front yard and backyard oasis.

    Our Remodeling Services

    Our team is dedicated to creating spaces that are functional, stylish, and tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle.

    We take the time to listen to your needs and work closely with you to create spaces that you will find useful as per your needs.

    Our Process

    We have a predefined procedure that we adhere to, including the following;


    In-home consultation

    We start with an extensive consultation to assess your goals and ideas that meet your needs.



    Our design team will work closely with you to translate your ideas into a cohesive design that ensures that the result of your project is exactly what you envisioned, taking into account the original space.


    Remodel plan and permits

    We create a plan tailored to your preference. Once the plans are approved, we seek any necessary permit requirements from the city.


    Material acquisition

    We will help you with material selection and acquisition from our trusted suppliers that are aesthetically pleasing and suits your needs flawlessly. 



    Our construction team will collaborate with you to prepare your home for construction (framing, plumbing, electrical fixtures, installation of new features, and adding finishing touches) from start to finish.

    Financing Your Home Remodeling Project

    Better Place Remodeling believes everyone should be entitled to renovate their home. That’s why we work with the best financing companies to provide our customers with different financing plans so they can find the one that best fits their needs.



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    Free Consultation

    We’ll arrive at your home to get a better understanding of your vision and to discuss your ideas, budget and needs.



    Design & Planning

    We’ll make sure to get and prepare all documentation and permits required to proceed with your home renovation project.

    Design & Planning


    Construction Documents & Building Permits

    We’ll make sure to get and prepare all documentation and permits required to proceed with your home renovation project.

    Construction Documents & Building Permits


    Construction Phase

    Once the plan has been agreed on and finalized we’ll begin the construction phase. We will work relentlessly to make your vision a beautiful, efficient, and long-lasting reality. All our San Diego home renovation projects are built to the highest standards.

    Construction Phase


    Final Walkthrough

    Before we hand you back your keys we’ll do a final walkthrough to ensure that every detail is of the highest quality, and that you have received every item on the project plan and is to your satisfaction.

    Final Walkthrough

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    Kitchen Remodeling


    Steven N.

    Steven N.


    My wife and I hired Better Place Remodeling on May 7, 2020, and our project was completed on August 31, 2020. Evi was the first person with whom we made in-person contact, and let me tell you, he exuded nothing but professionalism, courtesy, and respect to both my wife and me! Having hired F.A.T. Construction prior under the general foreman Tony Chavez and having a VERY POOR experience with that contractor, my wife and I were very skeptical, to say the least. Evi quickly earned our trust and our business through his constant contact and updates. He always kept my wife in the loop with all major decisions during the project. Had I not continuously kept adding more to the project, Evi and his crew would have finished a lot sooner than expected. Evi even went so far as to bring us his favorite type of coffee direct from Israel as we had a good working relationship. The one time I got frustrated at the job was nothing to do with Better Place Remodeling, but rather the City of Escondido with their slow permit approval process due to COVID-19. Even though this wasn't Evi's fault, he even brought me Starbucks coffee one night and further explained the backlog of permits. I also would like to send a shout-out to Barr and to Evi's top Landscaper Herman. Barr stepped in and helped Evi with our project when Evi's plate was full. Barr also exuded the same professionalism, courtesy, and respect to both my wife and me! Herman? What can I say? The guy has landscaping skills! Let him make suggestions to you and be open-minded about them-you will not be disappointed! Thanks, Evi, Barr, and Herman for such tremendous work on our home!

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      1 What is the most efficient way to contact Better Place Remodeling?

      The quickest way to contact us is by calling our office or filling out our potential client form on our website.

      2 How long will my remodeling project last?

      The time frame for the completion of any project varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. For instance, a project that will involve demolition and structural change will take longer than projects that involve replacements of worn-out parts.

      Before starting your project, our team will put together a schedule laying out exactly what to expect and a reliable timeline for the completion of your project.

      3 Do We Need to move out During the Renovation Project?

      This depends on the types of work being completed. We will first ensure the safety of your family and belongings. Afterward, it is usually a personal preference as to whether you want to stay during the project.

      4 Can You Help with the Design of My Renovation Project?

      Yes, we will schedule an on-site meeting to give you design advice and an initial layout; then, we can help you complete your full working plans.

      5 How Can You Create a Space-Saving Design For My Small Bathroom?

      At Better Place Remodeling, we work with you to understand your needs and preferences to create a customized design that maximizes your bathroom’s potential.

      We often recommend installing corner sinks, shower-tub combos, incorporating recessed and using light colors to create the illusion of more space.

      6 What are the Kitchen Accessibility Design and Remodel Guidelines?

      We adhere to the guidelines outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when designing and remodeling kitchens for accessibility.

      This includes ensuring enough clearance around appliances and countertops, creating ample floor space for wheelchair accessibility, installing accessible storage solutions, and incorporating easy-to-use fixtures such as lever-handle faucets.

      7 What are the ADU Design and Construction Regulations in Santee?

      Though the rules may vary based on your location, in most cases, the units must be at most 1,200 square feet and comply with setback, height, and parking requirements as stipulated by the city.

      We will work with you to ensure that your ADU meets all necessary regulations and permits for your specific property.

      8 What are the Primary Structural Considerations When Designing an ADU?

      The key structural elements in an ADU construction project are the foundation, roofing, and framing. We ensure the foundation is solid and stable enough to support the weight of the ADU, and the roofing and framing are properly designed and installed to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the unit.

      9 Which Conversion Layout Design is Best for a Single Car Garage?

      The best layout will depend on how you want to use the space. To maximize the available square footage, creating an open floor plan with multi-functional furniture and storage solutions could be important. Our designers will make sure the layout provides ample room for your intended use.

      10 What Landscape Layout is Best Suited for a Large Backyard?

      This depends on the topography of the land and the elements you want to add to the space. Based on recent trends, most homeowners prefer zoning the space into different functions, adding garden beds with water features, and planning the seating and dining areas.

      11 What Permits Do I Need to Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ Area?

      Permits may be required for any electrical or gas work and any structural changes or additions. We will help you prepare the documents, submit the application and oversee the inspections to ensure your outdoor kitchen and BBQ area meet Santee regulations and requirements.

      12 Do I need a permit to remodel my home?

      Definitely yes. Each city and project has different variables involved in the permitting process. Thankfully, we are experienced in the field and will help you pull the necessary permits for your project.

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