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Posted 27th Oct 2023

Year-Round San Marcos Landscape Maintenance Solutions


From improving the aesthetic appeal to increasing the value of your property, creating an inviting outdoor space for your family, and extending the life of your outdoor features, the benefits of a reliable San Marcos landscape maintenance service are endless. 


In our experience within the landscape and overall outdoor upgrade industry, Better Place Remodeling have gained a profound understanding of the significant impact a well-designed landscape contributes to your property and the best maintenance practices for all types of spaces.  


Quality Garden and Landscape Care Program


At Better Place Remodeling, we understand the unique needs of landscaping in San Marcos and offer wide-ranging solutions for maintaining your lawn and landscape to thrive in this environment:


Specialty Pruning: Have the benefits of different pruning techniques for the flowers, plants, and trees found in the San Marcos area. This ensures proper growth and aesthetic appeal.


Floriculture Design and Installation: Creating a stunning annual and perennial color beds and containers that are visually appealing and suitable for the local climate, ensuring longevity.


Fertilization Programs: Modified fertilization programs catering to turf and ornamental shrubs and trees. We consider the specific nutrient requirements of plants in San Marcos, promoting robust growth.


Insect and Disease Control: Because San Marcos’ climate can be conducive to various pests and diseases, you have different measures to safeguard your grass and ornamental shrubs from these threats.


Soil Analysis and pH Adjustment: Understanding the local soil is crucial. We conduct soil analysis to determine its composition and pH, allowing us to make precise adjustments to optimize plant health and growth.


Debris Removal and Weed Control: To maintain a clean and inviting landscape, our debris removal and disposal, and weed control strategies are used to the prevalent weed species in the San Marcos area, ensuring a pristine look.


Landscape Maintenance Trends for Your Property Value


Landscaping plays a pivotal role in increasing your home’s value. In fact, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), professional landscaping can increase a home’s price tag by 15 percent to 20 percent.


Read on as we explore some landscaping design ideas that can help you enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase the value of your home.


Xeriscaping for Water-Wise Landscaping


In water-conscious San Marcos, xeriscaping is ideal. It involves low-water plants and is low-maintenance, enhancing property value, particularly in drought-prone regions, attracting eco-conscious buyers.


Water Features


A well-maintained water feature like a fountain or pond adds a serene and inviting touch to your property. It can elevate your landscape’s appeal and attract potential families seeking a peaceful ambiance.


Outdoor Living Bliss


Embrace the outdoor living trend by adding a patio, deck, or shaded seating area, turning your yard into an enticing space for relaxation and entertaining, boosting property value.


Diverse Flora and Foliage


Because greenery is essential in San Marcos, having different types of trees and plants adds texture and charm. Trees provide shade and airflow, appealing to families looking to enjoy the outdoors.


Hardscaping for Structure


Utilizing hardscaping elements like pavers, walls, and distinctive rocks to define your yard and enhance its visual aesthetics. Features like retaining walls and unique rock formations create a standout impression. 


Striking Focal Points


Incorporating eye-catching focal points, such as sculptures, decorative gazebos, or well-designed garden beds, creates an outdoor sanctuary that piques buyers’ interest in the potential for relaxation and entertainment.


Inviting Entryway


Enhancing curb appeal with outdoor lighting, vibrant floral accents along the walkway, and decorative elements like an outdoor gazebo, leaving a memorable impression.


How to Create a Drought-Tolerant Landscape in San Marcos


Drought-tolerant or water-wise landscaping is increasingly important in areas with little rainfall, like San Marcos, often mandated by local regulations. These landscapes feature hardscaping and low-water plants, providing a sustainable, low-maintenance outdoor space adaptable to various sizes.


By considering factors such as climate, soil, light, humidity, and more, the primary plan to achieve a drought-tolerant landscape maintenance include:


Choosing Drought-Resistant Native Plants: Opt for San Marcos natives like California Buckwheat. These plants have adapted to the arid climate, requiring minimal water while providing local biodiversity.


Making Good Use of Mulching: Utilize organic mulches such as wood chips or straw to lock in soil moisture. This reduces evaporation and keeps the soil cool in the San Marcos heat.


Mixing Up Your Hard Landscaping: Incorporate gravel pathways and appropriate pavers to minimize water usage while adding aesthetic value to your landscape.


Planting Drought-Tolerant Native Trees: Consider California Sycamore and Toyon. These native trees provide shade and beauty and are adapted to local climate and soil conditions.


Hardscaping with Drought-Friendly Ground Cover: Use succulents like Blue Chalksticks as ground cover within hardscape elements to reduce water needs and enhance aesthetics.


Adaptive Planning: Be prepared to adjust your landscape design and plant selections to align with San Marcos’ evolving climate. Stay ahead of changing conditions for a sustainable, drought-resistant landscape.


Rainwater Harvesting and Efficient Irrigation: Capture rainwater with a rain barrel or cistern. Combine this with drip irrigation, tailored to each plant’s needs, ensuring efficient water distribution.


If you’re interested in our San Marcos landscape maintenance services or would like a quote for your home or business, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Our San Marcos remodeling team are here to address any inquiries regarding your landscaping and how our teams can ensure its proper upkeep.


Our range of landscape maintenance solutions ensures your outdoor space remains stunning and well-maintained year-round, regardless of the season.




Can extreme weather events impact landscape maintenance routines?

Extreme weather events like wildfires and droughts can disrupt landscape maintenance routines. To mitigate these risks, we implement proactive measures, like creating defensible space and using drought-tolerant plants.


What factors influence the cost of landscape maintenance? 

Landscape maintenance costs are influenced by factors like property size, the choice of plant materials, and the need for specialized services due to the unique climate.


How often should I schedule routine maintenance visits for my landscape? 

We recommend scheduling routine landscape maintenance visits every 2-4 weeks, and this depends on the season and specific property needs.


How can I estimate the ROI of landscape maintenance for my property? 

Considering property value appreciation, water savings, and improved curb appeal. Property values increase by up to 20%, as supported by our client reviews.


What strategies are employed to combat soil erosion? 

Soil erosion is a concern in San Marcos due to occasional heavy rains. We combat this by incorporating erosion-control features like retaining walls and strategic planting to stabilize the soil, protecting landscapes.


Are there specific issues related to plant health and diseases in the area? 

We address plant diseases and pest issues by selecting disease-resistant plant species, implementing proper irrigation, and offering expert disease management services.


Are there success stories of drought-tolerant landscapes? 

We have transformed numerous properties, reducing water usage and flourishing, low-maintenance landscapes. See our client reviews for real success stories.