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Posted 17th May 2023

Oceanside Kitchen Design

Kitchen Remodeling

Our team at Better Place Remodeling is skilled in upgrading your Oceanside kitchen design to fulfill your ideal kitchen. Our Oceanside kitchen remodeling contractors will work with you to transform your space and enhance its appearance.

We are here to manage everything from start to end, with a full service and stress-free approach; our staff can develop, build, and design any component of your kitchen design project in Oceanside.

Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen, considered the heart of the home, is where you cook and eat most of your meals — but it’s also a gathering place for family. Mixing timeless characteristics with lively colors, patterns, and textures that reflect your personality and design aesthetic is critical when building your dream kitchen. Here are some kitchen design trends that you might consider to elevate your kitchen:

Kitchen Design TrendsDescription
No Upper CabinetsTo create a visually spacious and clutter-free interior, bidding farewell to the upper cabinets is the key. Thus, we use sophisticated smart storage for your kitchen design in Oceanside.
Double IslandsThe double island is a kitchen design trend only for some. Using it for your kitchen design in Oceanside depends on how you use your kitchen and the surrounding areas.
Wood PanelingWood paneling is a design that prioritizes environmental-friendly resources. This kitchen design trend mainly uses biodegradable and renewable materials.
Marble Slab BacksplashesShifting toward the marble slab backsplashes adds drama and depth to the kitchen’s appearance. It is also easier to clean than a tile backsplash.
Hidden Electrical OutletsAnother Oceanside kitchen design trend is the hidden electrical outlets, which reduce cord clutter behind appliances and give a clean look.

Oceanside Kitchen Design Components

An ideal kitchen design must provide a combination of form and function. We will look at some of the fundamental Oceanside kitchen design components that you can incorporate in your home kitchen:


Kitchen cabinets bring functionality and appeal to the kitchen space. It provides storage space which also reduces the kitchen’s clutter, maintaining the sleek and neat look of the space.


Countertops are an essential part of kitchen design. It must be considered before moving to the cabinets, as it helps you to design a better motif that meets your preferences. It also makes selecting the backsplash in the kitchen easy.


Kitchen backsplashes began as a functional convenience and became essential to your style. Aside from its usability, as it protects your kitchen walls from splashes, it also binds the whole look of your kitchen, making it more visually pleasing.


To create a functional kitchen, you must include valuable appliances, such as a cooktop, refrigerator, and dishwasher, all essential kitchen appliances that may be used in your space.

Upgrade Your Oceanside Kitchen Design With Us!

Better Place Remodeling is a reliable contractor that will assist you in transforming your kitchen design in Oceanside, California. Connect with us now to experience the streamlined services we offer.


What is the suitable lighting in the kitchen?

The appropriate lighting for your kitchen should be visually pleasing and functional. Your kitchen lighting must be bright and even, combining accent, task, and ambient lighting to keep your kitchen inviting.

How can I improve the accessibility in my kitchen?

Here are some of our suggested ways to improve your kitchen accessibility:

  • Lower countertops to be accessible even to people in wheelchairs.
  • Install single lever or touch faucets.
  • Use pull-out or pull-down shelving.
  • Keep heavy items on the counter.

What is the fitted kitchen layout for a small kitchen design?

Several fitted kitchen layouts can work well for a small kitchen design. Here are a few options:

  • Galley kitchen- consists of two parallel walls and a work triangle
  • L-shaped kitchen- uses two adjacent walls to create an L shape
  • U-shaped kitchen- utilizes three walls to create a U shape
  • One-wall kitchen- uses a single wall for all the kitchen appliances and storage

How can I make the most of the kitchen’s space?

You should consider using creative storage solutions such as pull-out drawers and vertical shelves, choosing scaled-down appliances, utilizing under-cabinet lighting, and maximizing counter space to maximize a kitchen’s space. Keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free to create a broader sense.