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Posted 31st Aug 2023

Del Mar Lawn Care

Our Del Mar Lawn Care Services include a wide range of expert procedures geared at preserving and improving the health, look, and vitality of residential and commercial lawns in the Del Mar area. We create a personalized lawn care plan through assessment, covering duties such as optimal mowing height, irrigation schedule, and fertilization regimen.

Better Place Remodeling intends to cover various areas of lawn care, such as mowing, fertilizer, weed control, insect management, aeration, and overseeding.  We look at things like grass kind, soil composition, sun exposure, and any current problems.

Lawn Care Pest Management

Here are common pest management services that we often offer for lawn care in Del Mar:

Lawn Inspection and Assessment

We will begin with a comprehensive assessment of your lawn to discover any existing insect problems or symptoms of potential concerns. They will determine the sorts of pests present as well as the amount of the infestation.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programs

We take a comprehensive approach, including cultural, biological, mechanical, and chemical methodologies as appropriate. IPM systems are aimed to reduce pesticide use while efficiently managing pests.

Pesticide Application

We will use focused treatments that have a low impact on non-target creatures and the environment. Pesticide applications include granular or liquid treatments, spot treatments, and barrier applications.

Beneficial Nematode Application

Beneficial nematodes are microscopic organisms that hunt for and destroy soil-dwelling pests like grubs and larvae. We may apply these nematodes to the soil to manage pest populations without harming beneficial insects.

Insecticide and Fungicide Treatments

We may use targeted insecticides or fungicides to treat specific pest problems such as insect infestations or fungal infections. Typically, these treatments are chosen based on the type of pest and the severity of the problem.

Lawn Aeration and Soil Management

Proper aeration and soil management measures can boost your lawn’s health and resistance to pests and illnesses. We provide aeration services to optimize water and nutrient penetration and encourage healthy root growth.

Discuss your specific concerns and needs with us so we can customize our services accordingly.

Mulching Strategies for Lawn Care

Mulching is an essential aspect of lawn care that offers numerous benefits, including moisture retention, weed suppression, and soil temperature regulation. Here are six mulching strategies you can consider for your lawn:

Grass Clipping Mulching

Instead of bagging grass clippings after mowing, we leave them on the lawn. This process, known as “grasscycling,” helps restore nutrients to the soil while also acting as a natural mulch layer, decreasing the need for extra organic mulch.

Organic Mulch Application

Our Del Mar remodeling contractors apply a layer of organic mulch, such as wood chips, straw, or compost, around trees, shrubs, and garden beds. This mulch helps to retain soil moisture, reduce weeds, and improve soil structure.

Lawn Mower Mulching Blades

We use a mulching mower with specialized blades that finely cut grass clippings and spread them evenly throughout the yard. This practice aids in the restoration of nutrients to the soil and produces healthier grass.

Leave Leaf Mulching

Instead of raking and bagging leaves in the fall, we shred them and disperse them on the grass with a mulching mower. Shredded leaves decompose over time, enriching the soil with organic matter and nutrients.

Mulch Beds and Pathways

We make mulch beds and paths in your landscape to minimize soil erosion, reduce compaction, and improve the appearance of your yard. For these locations, we use appropriate mulch materials such as gravel, wood chips, or bark.

Compost Topdressing

We apply a thin coating of well-composted organic material (compost) to the lawn’s surface. This top dressing improves soil structure, promotes microbial activity, and improves the lawn’s general health.

Upgrade Your Property with Lawn Care in Del Mar!

With Del Mar lawn care services, you can take your outside space to a whole new level of beauty and vitality. Better Place Remodeling is committed to perfection and is visible in every detail, from precision treatments to flourishing outcomes. Connect with us today!


What is the significance of soil testing for lawn care?

Our soil testing reveals information about your soil’s nitrogen levels, pH, and other important elements. It assists you in determining the appropriate type and amount of fertilizer to apply, supporting balanced growth and health.

Can I compost my grass clippings and yard waste?

Yes, grass clippings and yard trash can be composted. They offer important organic matter to your compost pile, enhancing soil structure and nutrient content.

What should I do about compacted soil on my lawn?

Aeration is the most effective method for removing compacted soil. We remove soil plugs with a core aerator to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the earth.

What role does pH play in lawn care?

Plant nutrient availability is affected by soil pH. The pH of most lawns should be somewhat acidic, ranging from 6.0 to 7.0. We conduct a soil test to ascertain the pH level and alter it as needed with lime to raise pH or sulfur to lower pH.