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Posted 30th Aug 2023

Bonita Granny Flats

Room Addition

Building or installing Bonita granny flats has numerous benefits to both homeowners and users. They offer extra space that you can use to house a relative, create that home office you’ve always desired or even convert it to a garage.

However, there are a lot of moving parts involved in constructing a granny flat that you should be aware of.

Key Features & Amenities of Granny Flats

Granny flats, also known as ADUs, offer a range of essential amenities that make them a sought-after living solution. These self-contained units have these unique features:

  • Living Area: An inviting space designated for relaxation, entertainment, and socializing. It’s where you can unwind, watch TV, read, or spend time with guests.
  • Kitchenette or Full Kitchen:. A kitchenette may include a sink, microwave, and small appliances, while a full kitchen offers a stove, oven, refrigerator, and ample counter space for cooking and dining.
  • Bathroom: A private bathroom that provides all the necessary fixtures for personal hygiene, including a toilet, sink, and shower or bathtub.
  • Bedroom(s): Well-designed bedrooms that offer a comfortable and private space for rest and relaxation. Depending on the Bonita granny flats size, it can feature one or more bedrooms.
  • Storage: Thoughtfully integrated storage solutions, such as closets, shelves, and cabinets, to help you keep your living space organized and clutter-free.
  • Outdoor Access: Some Bonita granny flats feature access to outdoor spaces like patios, balconies, or decks, allowing you to enjoy fresh air, outdoor dining, or gardening.

Installation and Construction Requirements

You should understand the specific regulations and requirements that govern the construction process of Bonita granny flats. Here are some regulations you need to be aware of:

Zoning and Permits

Your property must be zoned for residential use, and the granny flat is considered an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) under California state law.

Setback Requirements

For attached Bonita granny flats, there’s typically a minimum setback of 4 feet from the side and rear property lines. Detached granny flats generally require setbacks of 5 feet from side and rear property lines.

Maximum Size and Height

Attached ADUs can be up to 50% of the existing primary dwelling’s living area or 1,200 square feet, whichever is smaller. Detached ADUs are limited to 1,200 square feet.

The maximum height of a detached ADU, on the other hand, is 16 feet while that of an attached ADU is limited to the height of the primary dwelling.

Utilities and Connections

Separate utility connections for the granny flat are not required. ADUs can share utility connections with the primary residence. Adequate utility connections for water, sewer, and electricity must be provided in compliance with local standards.

Access and Parking

If the Bonita granny flat is located within half a mile of public transit, no additional parking is required. If not within half a mile of public transit, one off-street parking space per ADU is required, either within a garage, carport, or on the driveway.

Granny Flats Boost You Home’s Value & ROI

The ROI of different types of Bonita granny flats varies based on several factors. Here’s how different Bonita granny flats can impact your home’s value:

Rental Income Potential

Many property owners in California have reported significant rental income from their ADUs. The specific ROI can vary, but it’s not uncommon for well-designed and strategically located ADUs to generate a positive cash flow.

Property Value Appreciation

ADUs have the potential to enhance the overall value of the property. Adding a well-designed ADU can attract more potential buyers or tenants, leading to increased demand and potentially higher property values.

Regulatory Changes

California has made efforts to streamline the ADU permitting process and ease regulatory restrictions. These changes have made it more feasible for property owners to construct and rent out ADUs, positively impacting their ROI.

Flexible Use

ADUs offer flexibility for property owners. They can be used to accommodate family members, generate rental income, or even provide space for a home office or personal studio.

Property Upgrade with Granny Flat Construction in Bonita

You need to work with Bonita granny flats contractors if you wish to get the ADU that you desire. Luckily, our granny flat construction team at Better Place Remodeling has the experience and expertise to bring your dream to life. Just take the first step and contact us for a quick consultation.



How much does it cost to build a granny flat in Bonita?

Costs vary based on size, design, materials, and other factors. It’s best to consult local Bonita granny flats contractors for estimates.

Can I convert my garage into a granny flat?

Yes, converting a garage into a granny flat is possible, but it must meet certain requirements.

How long does it take to build a granny flat?

Construction timelines vary, but it typically takes a few months to complete a granny flat.

What’s the process for getting my granny flat approved and permitted?

The process involves submitting plans, obtaining necessary permits, adhering to building codes, and passing inspections.

Can I build a detached granny flat if I have a small backyard?

Detached ADUs can be designed for smaller backyards, but setbacks and space availability should be considered.

Do I need to notify my homeowners association (HOA) about building a granny flat?

Yes, it’s recommended to inform your HOA about your plans, as they may have specific guidelines related to ADUs.