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Posted 29th Apr 2023

Bonita ADU Permit


Checking the Bonita ADU permit is essential to build an accessory dwelling unit at your property. You must research the rules and procedures for obtaining permits in Bonita before you begin construction on an ADU. These local laws have various effects on how ADUs are developed in Bonita.

Better Place Remodeling will help you obtain the permits necessary while constructing an ADU in Bonita to ensure everything runs smoothly on the job site and protect your property from potential accidents.

The required Bonita ADU Permits

The project’s size, location, and other particulars will determine the required Bonita ADU permits. The most typical permits that may be needed are listed below.

The required Bonita ADU PermitsDescription
Building PermitAny new construction or augmentation of an existing structure must have a building permit. ADUs are included in this. You must submit building plans that adhere to the zoning laws and local building codes.
Grading PermitYou might require a grading permit if the construction of your ADU involves any grading, such as cutting or filling the ground.
Plumbing PermitAny new plumbing systems, such as pipes, sinks, and toilets, must be installed with a plumbing permit.
Electrical PermitAny electrical work, including new electrical panels, wiring, and outlets, must have a permit.
Mechanical PermitAny new heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system must have a mechanical permit before installation.
Sewer Connection PermitYou could require a permit from the neighborhood sewer district if your ADU had a separate sewer connection.
Fire Department ReviewYour ADU designs might need to be reviewed by the local fire department to ensure they adhere to fire safety requirements.


The details of your ADU construction project may necessitate extra permits or procedures, so please remember that this list is not all-inclusive. You can check the requirements published on the ADU housing and community development website for your Bonita ADU Permit requirements.

Construction Regulations for Bonita ADU

The principal construction regulations for Bonita ADU development are listed below.

ADU Size

In Bonita, an ADU Size may be 1,200 square feet or 50% of the primary dwelling unit, whichever is smaller. Likewise, the ADU must have a livable area of at least 150 square feet.


The required front yard setbacks for newly built ADUs are followed. A minimum side and rear setback of 4 feet are also maintained, except where fire setback restrictions apply.


ADUs with attached space larger than 1,000 sq. ft or more than 12 feet are subject to the primary building setbacks and height restrictions of the Zoning Ordinance. A detached ADU can only be up to 25 feet tall without a Bonita ADU permit.


In addition to the parking needed for the primary residence, the Bonita ADU permit mandates one off-street parking place for each ADU.


ADUs must adhere to all applicable construction laws and regulations and be created to complement the primary dwelling unit’s architectural style.

Remembering that these rules could alter or have different requirements based on the situation and area is vital. To determine the precise rules and specifications for ADU construction in Bonita, we will help you speak with the regional government body in charge of building licenses.

Get the Bonita ADU Permit you need.

Better Place Remodeling will ensure that you will have a streamlined process in constructing your ADU. We will assist you in getting the Bonita ADU permits you need. Contact us now!


What is the process for obtaining an ADU permit in Bonita?

We will take the following steps to obtain your Bonita ADU permit:

  • Check with the local government agency issuing building permits to learn the specific requirements and rules.
  • Prepare building plans
  • Submit the building plans and permit application to the local government agency
  • Once the permit is approved, pay the fee.

How long does obtaining an ADU permit in Bonita take?

The time we need to receive a Bonita ADU permit can vary based on the project’s complexity, the thoroughness of the building plans, and the workload of the local government organization.

How much does obtaining an ADU permit in Bonita cost?

The price of acquiring a Bonita ADU permit might differ based on some elements, including the project’s size and complexity, the kind of permission, and any fees or taxes that may be necessary.

Will you help me get ADU permits?

Yes, we help you obtain the necessary permits.