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Posted 19th Jun 2022

Transform your backyard or front yard with artificial turf

Artificial Grass and Turf Solutions
You love your grass. There's nothing better than strolling out onto the lush green lawn. But there are downsides. For a start, it's a lot of hard work mowing, weeding and watering all that land just to get that perfect lawn. Artificial grass is gaining ground in the United States, and for good reason. It looks great, feels great to walk on, and will save you hundreds of hours of maintenance on your lawn. Better yet, you can find plenty of artificial grass suppliers who can talk your ear off about the benefits of installing their products. Keep reading to find out why you should consider making the switch to artificial grass or turf.

Transform your backyard or front yard with artificial turf

Artificial grass is a great way to improve the look of your home and add value to your property. Artificial grass is a low maintenance alternative to natural grass and does not require watering, mowing, fertilizing or trimming. It never needs raking, either!

Because it’s made from 100% recycled materials (recycled plastic bottles), it’s environmentally friendly too. The artificial grass we install is durable, safe for pets and children, and available in many different styles and colors that can help you create the look you want in your yard. We can also add lights to help illuminate an area at night so that it’s safe for strollers, pets and children to play on.

The benefits of artificial turf

There are a number of reasons you should consider switching to artificial grass. Here are some of our favorite reasons to consider switching from a grass lawn to artificial turf.

Reason No. 1 to switch to artificial grass: No grass stains

The first advantage of artificial grass is that it doesn’t stain. If you have children playing outside, it’s also easy to clean up after them and keep the area looking pristine!

When you have a pet, this is a huge benefit. If your dog has an accident on the lawn, you will know about it immediately because it will be very obvious. You’ll spend hours cleaning up after your pets, especially during potty training, when they aren’t quite sure where they should be doing their business. In addition to being dirty, this can also be dangerous for your pets if they eat the grass or drink from puddles left behind after watering your lawn.

Reason No. 2 to switch to artificial grass: Safe for children and pets

Artificial grass is safe for children because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or dust. It also doesn’t get as hot as natural grass and it doesn’t scratch your children’s knees when they play on it. Kids will love the soft feel of the blades and the coolness of the surface underneath their feet when they play outside in summer. There’s no need to worry about kids getting splinters or getting burned from the sun with our synthetic lawns! Pets love the soft feel of our artificial grass too! You can let them run around without worrying about them getting hurt or damaging your real turf by digging up dirt or chewing on plants that may be growing in your yard.

Reason No. 3 to switch to artificial grass: Doesn’t Need Harsh Fertilizers

Having a beautiful lawn is all about the perfect balance of grass, soil and water. Unfortunately, many homeowners are finding themselves battling with a new problem: their lawns are turning into mud pits. That’s because fertilizers that used to be good for your lawn are now creating problems.

The main ingredient in many fertilizers is nitrogen. While it helps your grass grow, it also increases the amount of water your lawn needs to stay green and healthy. When you’re using artificial turf, this isn’t such a big deal because you’re not watering your lawn as much as you would if it were real grass.

But when you’re using real grass, these chemicals can cause problems because they increase the amount of water needed to keep your lawn alive and green. And since we’re living in an era where droughts are becoming more common, this can cause problems for homeowners who want to keep their lawn looking beautiful without having to use harsh chemicals or spend hours watering every day.

Reason No. 4 to switch to artificial grass: Drought Resistant

Artificial grass looks like the real thing, but it’s made from synthetic materials that can stand up to the elements. So, if you have a yard where the ground is always wet or hard to maintain, artificial grass can be a good solution. That’s because artificial turf is less susceptible to drought and other natural disasters than natural turf. It also requires little maintenance.

Artificial turf is also more durable than natural grass and can withstand wear and tear much better than natural grass. You don’t have to worry about long periods of time between mowing or watering, so you’ll spend less time maintaining your yard.

Manufacturers use different types of fibers to make artificial lawns look as realistic as possible. These include nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene fibers that are combined with rubber crumbs and resins for added durability and strength. Artificial turf also includes a backing layer made from rubber granules or sand that gives it stability. The color of artificial lawns varies depending on what type of backing material was used in manufacturing them.

Better Place Remodeling

When you have decided that artificial turf is the solution for your home or business, the question quickly becomes – which is best for me? What characteristics should I look for? Make sure to do your research and go over all of the factors that you believe are important in a synthetic grass product. What is it you value about a pitch? Is it ease of maintenance, fast installation, or is it something else entirely? If you’re looking for a team of professionals to help you with your artificial grass and turf solutions, then Better Place Remodeling can help. For more information or to schedule your free consultation visit