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With a leading-edge in outdoor remodeling, we create superior artificial turfs that are built to last with very little maintenance. With Better Place Remodeling you can now fit your home exterior with a playroom or area made of artificial turf that can stand the test of time and age nicely with your home.

As a leading authority in the remodeling industry, we put our customers first and provide the highest quality services for all homeowners, that is why we offer a diverse set of the most lifelike artificial turfs for all your needs, you would get the best artificial turf that is environmentally friendly and are created with cutting edge nylon yarns and smart cooling systems.

Our designers and landscapers would help you pick the most cost-effective artificial turf complete with the best installation base. And yes, we are also responsible for its installation. The base where artificial turf is installed is also an important part of the synthetic grass itself. As such, we take extreme care and use our expertise in the field to pick the most complementary material for creating the base.

With our foolproof processes for implementing artificial turfs, you can rest assured be certain that you will not only get a durable, high quality and cost-effective artificial turf but, you would get a long-lasting synthetic grass base that can withstand the force of vehicles and support any sport or maintenance equipment you have. And while at that you also beautify your home in the process.

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