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Posted 18th Jul 2023

Vista Landscaping


Let your creative juices run wild and go on a Vista landscaping journey like no other. Better Place Remodeling will make a statement with your landscape design and let your ideas flow freely.

Consider dramatic bursts of color, textures that stimulate the senses, and a harmonic balance of plants and hardscapes that will fascinate anybody who walks into your yard. It’s time to design an outdoor oasis that reflects your distinct taste and makes you the community’s envy.

Vista Landscaping Plant Selection and Garden Planning

Plant selection and garden planning are critical components of Vista landscaping projects. Here is a full explanation of the process of picking acceptable plants based on many factors:


Different plants grow in different climates, such as tropical, desert, temperate, or frigid. We ensure plants well-suited to the local climate are more likely to grow and require less maintenance.

Soil Conditions

We will examine the soil conditions in your garden, including pH, drainage, and fertility. Some plants demand well-drained soil, while others can tolerate damp or clayey soil. We will conduct a soil test to establish its composition and make any necessary modifications to provide an optimum growing environment for your chosen plants.

Maintenance Requirements

We advise you to consider how much time and effort you will put into plant maintenance. Some plants necessitate regular pruning, fertilizing, or special care, but others are low-maintenance and more suited to busy homes.


Decide on the style and feel you want for your Vista Landscaping. Consider color schemes, plant heights, and textures while designing an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Color Schemes

We will select a color scheme that blends in with the surroundings and enhances the architecture of your home. Choose whether you want loud, bold hues or a more subdued, monochrome palette.


To add depth and visual appeal to your garden, we will use a range of plant textures. Combining plants with varied leaf forms, sizes, and textures adds visual interest and contrast.

Seasonal Interest

We will choose plants that provide seasonal interest throughout the year. Choose blooming plants at different times of the year, trees with gorgeous foliage in the fall, or shrubs with appealing berries in the winter.

Focal Point

We suggest you consider putting focus points throughout your Vista landscaping project to grab attention and create a visual centerpiece. It could be a specimen tree, a water feature, a sculpture, or a well-designed seating area.

Vista Landscaping Water Features and Pools

Water features like pools can enhance your Vista landscaping project’s beauty, peacefulness, and leisure opportunities. This section delves into the design, installation, and maintenance issues for these elements:

Aesthetics and Integration

Our Vista remodeling contractors will consider how the water feature or pool will complement the overall landscape design. We will consider the size, shape, and materials complementing the surroundings and architecture.


We ensure adequate barriers, fences, and safety precautions, particularly around pools. To reduce potential hazards, we consider the depth, slip-resistant surfaces, and suitable signage to reduce potential hazards.

Water Supply and Drainage

We determine whether a reliable water supply is available for filling and maintaining the water feature or pool. We will plan for enough drainage to avoid floods or water damage during heavy rains.

Pumps and Filters

We will install efficient pumps and filtration systems to ensure water quality and clarity. Proper circulation helps to prevent stagnation and the growth of algae or germs.

Filtration Media

Based on the size and kind of water feature or pool, we will select the proper filter media, such as sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth. Regular filter cleaning and maintenance are required for maximum performance.

Water Conservation

We will use water-saving measures such as recirculation systems, covering pools when not in use, and collecting rainwater for irrigation.

Let’s redefine the beauty of landscaping in Vista!

Better Place Remodeling would not let you settle for mundane scenery. Be daring. Be creative. Be the visionary who transforms your Vista Landscaping into a work of art everyone admires. Let us take Vista’s landscaping art to new heights. Get Started Today!


What are some lovely ground cover plant ideas for landscaping in Vista?

We recommend Ice Plant, Woolly Thyme, Silver Carpet, Blue Fescue, and Santa Barbara Daisy. These low-growing, drought-tolerant plants help limit weed growth while adding visual interest to your front yard.

How can I create a pollinator-friendly Vista landscape?

We advise you to include nectar-rich flowers like Salvia, Lavender, Penstemon, Gaillardia, and Echinacea to attract pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Include plants that bloom at different times to provide a consistent food source throughout the year.

Can I put artificial turf in my Vista Landscaping project?

Artificial turf restrictions in Vista might vary depending on municipal ordinances.  It’s critical to check with the proper authorities or your homeowner association to see if artificial turf is approved and if any specific guidelines or limits are in place.

Are any water rebate programs or incentives available in Vista for landscaping?

Specific programs and incentives may change, so check with the Vista Water Authority or your local water authority for the most up-to-date information. These programs frequently offer incentives for constructing water-efficient irrigation systems, replacing turf with drought-tolerant plants, or implementing rainwater collection systems.