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Posted 17th May 2023

San Marcos Garage Remodel


A San Marcos Garage Remodel is a big decision, so it is a must to hire a trusted contractor to ensure the success of this project.

We at Better Place Remodeling will inform you of the best practices for your garage remodel. Our San Marcos remodeling experts will guarantee a rewarding and compliant garage remodel.

Energy-Efficient Features for a Garage Remodel

When planning a garage remodel in San Marcos, focusing on energy efficiency is essential. Thus, here are some energy-efficient features for a garage remodel that we can incorporate:

Energy-Efficient Features for a Garage RemodelInformation
InsulationUse insulation materials with a high R-value on the walls, ceiling, and garage door to reduce heat transfer.
Use LED fixturesLEDs are more energy-efficient, last longer, and produce better lighting.
High-Performance Garage DoorFind doors with high R-values, weatherstripping, and thermal breaks to reduce heat transmission and air leakage.
Energy-Efficient WindowsTo minimize heat gain or loss, use windows with low-E coatings and adequate insulation.
Proper ventilationInstall ventilation systems that minimize energy loss while exchanging indoor and outdoor air.
Energy-Efficient AppliancesSelect ENERGY STAR-certified models that are energy efficient. These appliances use less electricity, which lowers energy expenditures.
Consider installing solar panels on the roof.Solar energy can help you balance out your electricity use, which could lower your energy costs and environmental effect.
Smart Energy ManagementInstall smart thermostats, occupancy sensors, or timers to manage heating, cooling, and lighting based on your needs and occupancy.
 Air SealingTo prevent air leakage and drafts, properly seal any gaps, cracks, or openings in the garage.
Efficient HVAC SystemIf your garage has a heating or cooling system, select an energy-efficient HVAC unit that is appropriately sized for the room.


Better Place Remodeling professionals will examine your garage remodel in San Marcos and make specialized recommendations about energy efficiency depending on your needs and budget.

Garage remodel value boosters

A well-executed San Marcos garage remodel can increase the value of your property. Here are some suggestions for increasing the resale value of your garage remodel:

Multi-Purpose Functionality

Make a multi-functional space, such as a workshop, home gym, or hobby area.

Smart Technology Integration

Install smart garage door openers, motion-sensor lights, and temperature control systems that can be accessed via a smartphone.

Exterior Enhancements

To create a unified and appealing aesthetic, repaint or modernize the outside, replace an old garage door, and consider landscaping enhancements around the garage area.

Functional Workbench and Tool Storage

This creates a discrete workstation for DIY tasks while also highlighting the garage remodel in San Marcos as a functioning and well-equipped location for hobbies and repairs.

Enhanced Electrical Outlets

This provides greater versatility when utilizing power tools, charging stations for electric vehicles, or setting up workstations for hobbies or projects.

Upgraded Flooring

Replace the old garage floor with something more durable and visually appealing, such as epoxy flooring or interlocking tiles. These materials are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and can improve the overall appearance of the garage.

Keep in mind that the value given to your property by a San Marcos garage remodel will vary depending on the quality of the work, the local real estate market, and buyer preferences. You can consult with us to get an idea of the potential value increase specific to your area.

Enhanced value and efficiency with garage remodel

Our San Marcos Garage Remodel work at Better Place Remodeling will enhance the value of your home and add energy-efficient features. Call us today.


Can I add a second story to my garage remodel?

It is possible to add a second level to your garage in many circumstances, but it is dependent on the structural stability of the current garage and San Marcos’ local building codes. We will assist you to ensure good design, support, and conformity to building rules.

Can I install plumbing in my garage remodel in San Marcos?

Yes, plumbing can be added to a garage, but it is dependent on the existing infrastructure, San Marcos’ local building codes, and the intended use of the space. We have a professional plumber to do this, and we can also secure the required permits.

Is it necessary to insulate my garage during the remodeling process?

We advised you to insulate your garage, especially if you intend to utilize it as a living area or to increase energy efficiency. Insulation aids in temperature regulation, noise reduction, and comfort.

Is it necessary to reinforce the garage floor to accommodate large equipment?

Yes, we must reinforce the floor if you intend to utilize heavy machines or exercise equipment there. We will ensure the load-bearing capacity of the existing floor.