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Posted 18th Jul 2023

San Diego Pool Contractors


Transform your outside space into a relaxing and entertaining sanctuary with the help of professional San Diego pool contractors.

We ensure your pool should reflect your personal style, desires, and the distinct personality of your property. Better Place Remodeling has a creative flair and can make your ideas a reality. We work with you to build a personalized pool that exceeds your expectations, taking into account your interests, lifestyle, and budget. We bring your idea to life with precision and craftsmanship, from luxury resort-style pools to sleek contemporary designs.

San Diego Pool Designs

When planning a pool, it’s crucial to consider the available area, budget, maintenance needs, and any potential municipal rules or permits. By working with qualified San Diego Pool Contractors, you may design a beautiful and practical pool that fits your needs and improves your outside space.

Tropical Paradise Pool

With a pool design influenced by far-off places, we may transform your backyard into a lush tropical haven. We will add a waterfall feature, palm palms, colorful plants, and a mix of natural stone and wood to create a fully immersive environment. We will also add a cabana or a building with a thatched roof for shade and comfort and consider having a sandy beach entrance for an authentic feel.

Modern Infinity Pool

Awe-inspiring views are provided by the disappearing edge, which gives the appearance that the water and surroundings have merged. We use straight lines, sparse materials, and a neutral color scheme to emphasize the modern appearance.

Mediterranean-Inspired Pool

A pool design that radiates class and peace will help you embrace the allure of the Mediterranean. We include elements like ornate columns, ancient statues, and mosaic tiling. We construct a pergola or a patio cover covered in vines for shade. We also add a deck made of stone or tile and vivid Mediterranean plants for an authentic touch.

Natural Lagoon Pool

We will establish a lagoon-style pool in your backyard to capture the beauty of nature. We create curving forms, rock formations, and cascading waterfalls that resemble a natural body of water. We will use a combination of rocks, stones, and natural plants to make the transition between the pool and the surrounding terrain seamless.

When selecting San Diego Pool Contractors, ensure they have enough experience and expertise. Hence, Better Place Remodeling can make any pool design you want happen.

San Diego Pool Essential Features

When planning a pool landscape, as your San Diego pool contractors, we consider including the following vital components to increase the outdoor space’s functionality, beauty, and enjoyment:

Outdoor Living Area

We will create a designated outdoor living space near to the pool. This area might contain comfortable seats, outdoor furniture, and dining options like a barbeque or kitchenette. It allows for relaxing, mingling, and eating meals with family and friends.

Poolside Shade Structures

San Diego’s bright atmosphere begs for sheltered places surrounding the pool. We will install shade structures like pergolas, umbrellas, or retractable awnings to provide relief from direct sunlight. These buildings protect against excessive heat and give architectural appeal to the pool area.

Water elements

We will incorporate water elements to enhance the visual appeal and peacefulness of the pool landscaping. Options include waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, or ornamental and overflow features.

Landscaping & Greenery

We will surround the pool area with carefully designed landscaping to enhance seclusion, add beauty, and provide a seamless transition between the pool and the rest of the yard. We choose drought-tolerant plants, vibrant blooms, and lush greenery that flourish in San Diego’s Mediterranean climate. We will add palm trees, decorative grasses, succulents, and other native or low-maintenance plants.

Hardscaping components

We will incorporate hardscaping components such as pavers, stone paths, or decking around the pool area. We will select slip-resistant, robust materials that match the overall design aesthetic. Hardscaping provides usable locations for sunning, relaxing, and quick access to the pool.

Poolside Storage

We will include storage options next to the pool area to keep pool toys, floats, cleaning supplies, and other accessories arranged and simple to find. This helps maintain a clutter-free and neat pool environment.

Choose the Best Pool Contractor in San Diego!

As your San Diego pool contractors, we focus on craftsmanship and use premium materials to provide a long-lasting pool. From the excavation to the final touches, Better Place Remodeling’s attention to detail ensures great construction and a pool that becomes the focal point of your outdoor space. Contact us.


How long does creating a pool in San Diego usually take?

Creating a pool in San Diego depends on several factors, including the design’s complexity, size, weather conditions, and the contractor’s workload. Depending on the planning, permitting, excavation, installation, and finishing processes, it can take a few weeks to a few months.

Is a pool permit required in San Diego?

In most cases, a permit is required to build a pool in San Diego. The permit requirements can differ depending on whether the municipality or county is in charge. We can guide you through the permitting procedure.

Can a San Diego pool contractor assist me in designing my pool?

Many San Diego pool contractors provide design services or collaborate with pool designers or landscape architects. We can assist you in creating a customized pool design that suits your preferences, enhances your outside environment, and meets your practical and aesthetic requirements.

How can I ensure my San Diego pool contractor will build a high-quality pool?

It is important to hire a reputed San Diego pool contractor to ensure high-quality pool construction. We have a reputable reputation, positive customer testimonials, and a portfolio of well-executed jobs. You can also review our construction procedures, supplies, and warranty policies to ensure they match your expectations.