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Posted 19th Aug 2023

San Diego Lawn Care

Backyard Remodeling

Our San Diego lawn care services offer an integrated approach to keeping outdoor spaces lush and lively. Better Place Remodeling offers personalized solutions to satisfy the specific needs of your lawn based on an understanding of the region’s unique environment.

We seek to build bright and resilient lawns that contribute to the visual appeal and environmental health of San Diego by combining eco-friendly techniques, proactive insect management, and soil enrichment.

Organic Lawn Care Approaches

Here are six excellent organic lawn care methods that can help you attain a healthy and bright lawn without the use of synthetic chemicals:

Natural Fertilization

We choose organic fertilizers from natural ingredients like compost, bone meal, blood meal, and seaweed. These materials release nutrients slowly, nourishing your grass and boosting soil health.


We compost food scraps, yard debris, and grass clippings to make nutrient-rich compost. Composting your grass provides organic matter to the soil, improving its structure and fertility.


We aerate your lawn regularly to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots.  Aerating the soil avoids compaction and promotes profound root growth.

Mowing Practices

We increase the height of your lawnmower to encourage taller grass. Longer grass shadows the soil, inhibits weed development, and better retains moisture. We leave grass clippings on the lawn as a natural mulch to replenish soil nutrients.


We will introduce a variety of grass species that are well-suited to the climate of your location. Overseeding helps fill bare patches, increase lawn density, and naturally outcompete weeds.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

We will adopt a comprehensive pest-control strategy. It encourages beneficial insects such as ladybugs and lacewings while controlling pests with natural predators. We use pest-resistant grass species to avoid infestations and follow correct lawn care methods.

These organic lawn care methods promote sustainability, soil health, and the development of a vibrant ecosystem in your outdoor space.

Lawn Care Thatch Management Strategies

Managing thatch is lawn care in San Diego essential for keeping your grass healthy and avoiding problems like waterlogging and nutrient blockage. Here are some of our excellent thatch management strategies:

Regular Aeration

We can aerate your lawn regularly to help prevent excessive thatch growth by reducing soil compaction and promoting more excellent air and water movement. Core aeration involves removing small plugs of soil to promote thatch decomposition and root growth.

Choose Proper Grass Varieties

The inclination of different grass types to form thatch varies. We will choose grass varieties less prone to thatch buildup, reducing the need for extensive maintenance.

Mow at the Right Height

We can control thatch accumulation by using suitable mowing techniques. Avoid cutting more than one-third of the grass blade’s height in a single mowing. Taller grass casts shade on the soil, reducing thatch growth.

Avoid Over-Fertilization

Excess nitrogen fertilizer can increase thatch growth. We use fertilizer sparingly to ensure consistent nutrient release and choose slow-release, organic options.

Regular Dethatching

Periodic dethatching may be necessary, especially in lawns with much thatch. We use dethatching rakes, machines, or vertical mowers to remove the thatch layer. Excessive dethatching, on the other hand, may stress the grass.

Promote Microbial Activity

Microbes aid in the breakdown of thatch naturally. We use compost topdressing to encourage beneficial microorganisms that aid in thatch decomposition.

Including these thatch management techniques into your lawn care routine can ensure healthier, more resilient grass that grows while avoiding the negative consequences of excess thatch buildup.

Residential Lawn Care Services in San Diego!!

Our top-tier San Diego lawn care services will help you achieve the full potential of your outside space. Our comprehensive solutions include precise mowing, adequate irrigation, and environmentally friendly fertilizer. Better Place Remodeling is ready to care for your green oasis. Connect with us today!


How do you revitalize a patchy lawn?

We will rake away dead grass, loosen the soil, and overseed with the grass suited for your region. We apply a starting fertilizer and moisten the sown area until the new grass grows.

How can you keep lawn diseases at bay?

We suggest you avoid overwatering and excessive thatch development to promote proper air circulation. Use proper mowing techniques and, if necessary, use fungicides as a preventive step during disease-prone times.

How can I grow an environmentally friendly lawn?

We recommend you choose natural grass types suitable to your region’s environment, use effective watering systems, and limit chemical use by implementing integrated pest management (IPM).

How can you keep weeds at bay on my lawn?

We will maintain a healthy lawn by mowing, fertilizing, and watering it regularly, as healthy turf is more resistant to weeds. We use pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weed seeds from sprouting in the spring and spot-treat with post-emergent herbicides as needed.