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Posted 22nd Nov 2023

Ultimate Guide to Landscape Maintenance


Become an expert in the services provided, such as seasonal clean-ups, bed maintenance, pruning, plant protection, lawn care, mulching, leaf removal, and mowing. Additionally, gain valuable insights into the costs associated with lawn services.

If you are a homeowner or property owner, keeping your landscape well-maintained is essential to maintaining its beauty and value. While some may prefer to do it themselves, hiring a professional landscape maintenance service can save you time and effort, especially if you have ample outdoor space.

Types of Services Offered by Landscape Maintenance

Our reputable Bonita remodeling company will offer various services to keep your outdoor space in shape. These services include spring and fall clean-up, general bed maintenance/detailing, pruning/hedging, landscape plant protection and feed, lawn protection and feed, mulching, leaf removal, and lawn mowing.

Spring and Fall Clean-Up

Spring is the perfect time to prepare your landscape for the growing season. A professional landscape maintenance service will remove dead leaves and debris, prune shrubs and trees, repair damaged areas, and prepare your lawn for new growth. In the fall, they will clean up fallen leaves, perform necessary repairs, and prepare your landscape for winter.

Fall cleanup also involves protecting certain plants and trees that might be susceptible to the harsh winter weather. Moreover, it can include preparing your perennial flower beds for winter sleep, ensuring they bloom effectively in the next season. The spring and fall cleanup can be essential in preserving your landscape’s overall health and beauty, providing a seamless transition between seasons.

General Bed Maintenance/Detailing

Maintaining flower beds can be time-consuming and tedious, but it’s essential for keeping your landscape looking its best. To keep your flower beds healthy and weed-free, they need regular weeding, edging, and mulching.

At Better Place Remodeling, our experienced professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your flower beds look visually appealing and remain healthy. We stay up-to-date with the best practices for maintaining flower beds and are committed to providing the highest level of care.

Our diligent work aims to preserve the aesthetics of your landscape. We take extra precautions to avoid harming the plants. With Better Place Remodeling, you can have peace of mind knowing that your general bed maintenance needs are in capable hands.


Proper pruning and hedging are essential for promoting healthy growth and maintaining the desired shape of shrubs and trees in your landscape. With the appropriate knowledge and tools, you can effectively trim and shape your plants, ensuring they stay healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

When pruning and hedging, ensure that your ornamental plants have a neat appearance, contributing to the overall tidiness of your property.

Skillful trimming also encourages the growth of fruits and flowers while keeping pests and diseases at bay. By hiring proficient Bonita landscape maintenance, you’ll apply the most appropriate pruning techniques, enhancing your landscape’s vitality and preserving its aesthetic appeal.

Landscape Plant Protect and Feed

Just like any other living thing, plants require proper nutrition to thrive. Providing essential nutrients through fertilization and pest control helps keep them healthy and protected from common plant diseases.

Landscape maintenance services often employ strategies to ensure your plants are well-nourished and safeguarded from potential threats. The following points outline some of the standard procedures involved in landscape plant protection and feed:

  • Fertilization: This involves applying nutrients to your plants to promote healthy growth. Depending on your plant’s specific needs, this can include a mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other essential micronutrients. Fertilization can also improve soil structure and stimulate microbial activity, enhancing soil fertility.
  • Pest Control: Effective pest control is crucial for maintaining the health of your landscape. Professionals can identify potential pests and apply appropriate treatments to prevent or eradicate infestations. This approach ensures that your plants are protected and can flourish without the threat of damaging insects or diseases.
  • Disease Prevention: Plant monitoring services also detect signs of illness in plants, allowing for early identification and treatment of common plant diseases to prevent further spread.
  • Weed Control: Weeds compete with your plants for essential nutrients, water, and sunlight, hindering plant growth and vitality. Managing weeds through manual removal and safe, effective herbicides ensures plants can thrive without competition and maintain vitality.

Lawn Protect and Feed

A lush, healthy lawn is a beautiful addition to any landscape. Staying green and weed-free requires regular fertilization and weed control, which provides the necessary nutrients for optimal growth.

In addition to fertilization and weed control, Bonita landscape maintenance’s lawn protection and feed service frequently includes aeration. This process enhances grassroots water, oxygen, and nutrient absorption, promoting healthier growth. Pest control is crucial, as specialized treatments eliminate common lawn pests such as grubs and cinch bugs.


Mulch adds aesthetic appeal to flower beds and is a protective layer for the soil. It helps retain moisture and suppresses weed growth. A landscape maintenance service will handle the task of mulching to keep your flower beds healthy and looking their best.

Regular mulching also helps to maintain soil temperature, acting as insulation against extreme weather conditions. It can improve soil structure and fertility by decomposing over time and adding organic matter. Furthermore, a layer of mulch can give a finished look to your landscape, enhancing its overall aesthetics. It’s an integral part of landscape maintenance that offers numerous benefits beyond appearances.

Leaf Removal

Fall leaves can accumulate on your lawn during the fall season, creating a breeding ground for pests and diseases. Proper leaf removal is crucial to maintaining a healthy and hazard-free lawn.

Timely removal of leaves is crucial for maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. Leaf accumulation can obstruct sunlight, hampering effective photosynthesis and resulting in a weak and patchy lawn. By allowing your lawn to breathe and receive adequate sunlight, Bonita landscape maintenance ensures the health and vibrancy of your lawn.

Lawn Mowing

Regular lawn mowing is essential for maintaining a neat and manicured appearance. It helps prevent damage and promotes healthy growth by cutting grass at the appropriate height.

Proper lawn care goes beyond grass cutting; it encompasses preserving your yard’s health and visual allure. Entrusting the task to a professional service provider ensures that various factors are considered, guaranteeing optimal lawn care and maintenance.

  • Mowing Height: Different types of grass require different mowing heights for optimal health. A knowledgeable team will identify the type of grass in your yard and adjust the mowing height accordingly to encourage healthy growth.
  • Mowing Frequency: Regular mowing is crucial, but the frequency can vary depending on the season and the type of grass. Professional services keep track of these factors and schedule mowing accordingly to ensure your lawn is always tidy and well-maintained.
  • Clipping Management: After mowing, it can be a dilemma whether to leave or remove the clippings. Clippings can provide essential nutrients to the soil, but if they’re too thick, they might hinder sunlight from reaching the grass. A skilled service will manage these clippings effectively.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Sharp mower blades make clean cuts, while dull blades can tear the grass, leading to a ragged edge that makes your lawn susceptible to diseases. Regular maintenance of mowing equipment is fundamental to professional lawn care services.
  • Mowing Pattern: Changing the mowing pattern each time you mow can prevent the grass from leaning in the direction it’s usually mowed. A professional service will use different mowing patterns to ensure even growth and to add aesthetic appeal.

Lawn Service Costs

The cost of hiring a landscape maintenance service will depend on various factors, such as the size of your landscape, the services needed, and the frequency of visits. A professional service typically offers weekly, monthly, or annual maintenance plans.

Weekly Lawn Care Cost

Weekly lawn care is popular for homeowners who seek to maintain a consistent, well-groomed lawn. The cost for this service can vary greatly depending on the size of your property and the specific services required. Still, homeowners can typically expect to spend between $25 and $50 per week for essential services such as mowing, edging, and blowing.

More comprehensive services like aeration, fertilization, weed control, or pest management may incur additional costs. A professional landscape maintenance service will provide a detailed quote based on your specific lawn care needs, ensuring you receive value for your money and a lawn that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Monthly Lawn Care Cost

Monthly lawn care is a cost-effective option for homeowners who wish to keep their lawns in top condition without the commitment of weekly services. The cost for monthly lawn care can vary, depending mainly on the size of your lawn and the specific services you require.

The average cost of monthly lawn care services ranges from $100 to $200. However, the cost may increase correspondingly if your lawn requires more comprehensive services, such as specialized fertilization, pest control, or aeration.

Annual Lawn Care Cost

Annual lawn care is an excellent option for homeowners who prefer a comprehensive, year-round approach to maintaining their landscape. The cost can vary significantly, typically from $700 to $2,600 annually.

One key factor influencing this cost is your region’s climate. Warmer climates necessitate year-round maintenance, thereby increasing the annual expenditure. Conversely, in colder climates, lawn care services aren’t usually required during late fall and winter, which can lower the overall cost.

The type and number of services you opt for also greatly influence the annual cost. Consistent mulching, pruning, and mowing services will naturally cost more than choosing a single service. However, many professional landscape maintenance services offer contracts encompassing multiple services, which often prove to be more cost-effective.

By opting for a contract, you may pay less than if you commissioned each service separately. This holistic approach ensures excellent care for your landscape throughout the year and provides the best value for your investment. Remember, each lawn is unique, so discussing your specific needs with a professional service is advisable to receive a customized quote.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Cost

Maintaining a lush, green lawn requires regular mowing and maintenance. The cost associated with these services can vary widely depending on the specific services you need, the size of your lawn, and the frequency of service.

Mowing Cost

Lawn mowing is fundamental to landscape maintenance and can significantly influence your lawn’s overall appearance and health. On average, homeowners can expect to pay between $30 and $80 per mowing session. This price can fluctuate based on the size of your lawn, the terrain, and the current condition of your grass.

Maintenance Cost

Apart from mowing, lawn maintenance includes other services such as fertilization, weed control, aeration, and overseeding. These services are essential to keeping your lawn healthy and vibrant. The cost of these services can also vary significantly based on your lawn’s specific needs.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Fertilization and weed control are crucial for a thriving lawn. Depending on the size of your lawn and the products used, these services can cost between $50 and $200 per application.

Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding are essential for encouraging healthy growth and improving the overall quality of your lawn. Depending on the size of your lawn and the specific procedures used, these services typically cost between $ 100 and $ 400.

Lawn Restoration

Occasionally, your lawn may require more intensive care, such as lawn restoration. This process, which can take up to two years for complete restoration, involves more frequent aeration, overseeding, and topdressing. The average cost of lawn restoration can range from $1,000 to $2,500, based on the current condition of your lawn and the square footage.

Feel free to reach out to our team so we can better understand your specific lawn care needs and provide tailored recommendations. We’re here to help guide you through the options and assist you in making informed decisions that will benefit your lawn and your budget. Give us a call at (858) 217-4429. We look forward to providing you with the best care for your landscape.


Maintaining your lawn’s aesthetic appeal and health demands time, effort, and expertise. Whether you opt for weekly, monthly, or annual services, professional landscape maintenance companies offer services tailored to your needs, from basic mowing and edging to more comprehensive services like aeration, fertilization, and lawn restoration.